Residential Renovation

Residential Renovation


Program Duration

8 weeks (7 weeks of related instruction + 1 week capstone)

Program Duration

8 weeks (7 weeks of related instruction + 1 week capstone)

Week 1

Introduction to Residential Renovation Business Development

Gain insights into the residential renovation industry, covering market analysis, legal considerations, and industry trends to kickstart your business venture.

Week 2

Principles of Effective Renovation

Learn how to assess properties for renovation potential, identify opportunities for structural and aesthetic improvements, and implement sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

Week 3

Budgeting and Estimation for Renovation Projects

Master the art of cost analysis, budget formulation, material procurement, and negotiation skills essential for successful and cost-effective renovation projects.

Week 4

Project Planning and Efficient Management

Develop comprehensive project plans, create realistic timelines, and implement critical path analysis, all while learning risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Week 5

Financial Mastery for Residential Renovation

Delve into financial planning, budget allocation for various renovation phases, and effective cash flow management and reporting techniques to ensure project success.

Week 6

Marketing and Branding Your Renovation Business

Discover how to create a compelling value proposition, define your target audience, and establish a strong online presence and social media strategy for your renovation business.

Week 7

Operations and Team Leadership in Renovation

Learn to hire and manage skilled contractors, maintain quality control, and foster excellent client relationships through effective communication and management strategies.

Week 8

Residential Renovation Business Capstone

Tour active projects, file for an EIN, complete a Business Model Canvas and Business Plan, select a renovation project to pursue, secure funding for acquisition, and develop a contingency plan for project success, ensuring you are well-prepared to establish your own successful Residential Renovation Business.
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